Left to right: Christian Gauchi, Daniel Sammut, Daniel Muscat (Pastry Chef), Henri Mattocks (General Manager), Christian Borg (Executive Chef), Aura Predescu, Tanja Milosevic, Stefan Rajkovic

Malta Kulinarja Championships

Organised by the Malta Chefs Society, the Malta Kulinarja Championships are an opportunity for local teams of chefs to compete across a series of categories and challenges, such as National Chef of the Year, a high tea competition, and preparation of vegan, vegetarian or street food cuisines.

The competition also includes the renowned Parade de Chefs, where culinary teams of six people must prepare, within strict parameters and time restraints, a three-course meal for 85 people. Among the many awards presented to the Ramla Bay Resort team at the event, they also won The Year 2020 Parade de Chefs, receiving the coveted gold medal, a commemorative certificate, and the honour of the Ramla Bay Resort name being added to the highly-esteemed Parade de Chefs shield.

“It was an incredible honour for the team of chefs at Ramla Bay Resort to be awarded the Parade de Chefs gold medal,” says Ramla Bay Resort’s General Manager Henri Mattocks. “The Malta Kulinarja is another chance for us to shine a deserved spotlight upon our amazing chefs team at Ramla Bay Resort, who are already well-known for their expertise, talent and dedication in producing incredible food here every single day, and who now have the awards to prove it.”

While Executive Head Chef Christian Borg won the bronze medal in the National Chef of the Year category, the rest of the Ramla Bay Resort chefs team, which included Daniel Muscat, Daniel Sammut, Christian Gauchi, Aura Predescu, Tanja Milosevic and Stefan Rajkovic, also scored highly elsewhere at the Championships.

Daniel Muscat, Daniel Sammut and Christian Gauchi achieved the silver medal in the Practical Team Competition, where the team of three had to prepare and present a three-course menu in two hours. Daniel Muscat and Aura Predescu were also awarded the silver medal in the Live High Tea Set Competition, in which they prepared two sets of tasted high teas for two people, for judging and display.

Tanja Milosevic and Stefan Rajkovic achieved the silver medal and best in class in the Vegetarian Dish Mystery Box Challenge, while Aura Predescu was also presented with the silver medal and best in class for her Vegan Challenge. Stefan Rajkovic, meanwhile, was awarded the bronze medal for his Street Food Challenge.

“That each one of our chefs achieved high-ranking awards at the Championships across so many different categories, both individually and in teams, just goes to show how talented and hard-working each of our chefs really is,” continues Mr Mattocks.

“As always, the team’s passion and dedication is our gold!”